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Nationwide Freight Service Timber, Steel, Concrete Tank Cartage, Bee Cartage (Refrigerated) Curtainsider trucks with tail-lifts, Hiab Crane Hire for on site deliveries, Swing Lift – 20ft and 40 ft container cartage and placing onsite, Water Carrier – Delivers 13,900 litres to fill farm tanks, etc Overdimensional Loads – Wide or long loads with Pilot Service, Digger & Tip Truck Hire – Excavation, Driveways, Drainage, Pile Driving and Truck Metalling  and we are also approved by the Ministry of Argiculture and Forestry as a transitional facility for unpacking sea containers

With onsite delivery of containers or bulk freight, we can provide a lift with our Hiabs or Swinglift.

20ft or 40ft containers delivered to site or relocated on site, delivery of water tanks and relocation of small buildings.

With our wide range of flatdeck trucks & trailers and flatdeck semi trailers we can transport almost anything, and we have a saying that we cart everything but stock and logs, but in fact we have transported alpacas from Import quarantine areas to farms.

Timber, we are Juken New Zealand's Wairarapa preferred Road Transport Carrier which covers New Zealand wide.  We are also Kiwi Lumber's lower North island carrier.  Our Hiabs can accommodate farm and other private addresses for pick ups and drop offs.

  • Timber Loads
  • JNL Timber Loads

McAuley's Transport Ltd have been operating since the 1960s. We are a progressive, forward thinking Company that prides itself on its "hands on approach". We are the leading freight & Transport Specialists" in the Wairarapa providing a wide diversity of solutions for all transport requirements.

Nationwide Freight Service: Among many other things we provide a Nationwide Service which includes daily runs to Palmerston North, Wellington, Napier, also via our subbies we run a daily service New Zealand wide.

McAuley's Floating Fleet deliver weekly to New Plymouth, Tauranga, Auckland, Christchurch, Cromwell, "NZ Nationwide"

  • Nationwide Freight 1
  • Nationwide Freight 2

We can offer a broad range of transport solutions for cartage of  concrete blocks, pavers, tanks, troughs and Panels.

We also cart concrete product, and when required can deliver on site with our hiab crane trucks.

  • Steel, Concrete Tank Cartage 1
  • Steel, Concrete Tank Cartage 2

We Have two Chiller unit B Trains operating both North and South Islands.

McAuleys Transport Ltd have developed Bee Transportation into a core part of their business.  We have a dedicated team of professional drivers that operate these units.

We have chosen to use B Trains for this part of the operation because if the prime mover breaks down, then there is less down time for the Bees to get stressed.  Also, this is the first part of the fleet that gets replaced with new trucks ( to reduce the likelihood of break downs).

All the drivers involved in transporting Hives are required to have a yearly medical check and carry Epipens for Adrenaline in the event of an emergency, and we also have a  RMP for the cartage of Live Bees and all Honey products. MCFR8.

We regularly cart live Hives from all over the South Island Invercargill, Fairly, Queenstown etc to all over the North Island, as far as Spirit Bay to Hicks bay and Taranaki.

We cart honey in hives, and  also in drums from both Islands to mainly the central North Island, and from Interworld Plastic's (Bee Tech) and Ceracell  in Auckland, we transport inserts for hives.

We also cart the timber framing for hives from Tunnicliffes in Edgecombe.

  • Bee Cartage 1
  • Bee Cartage 2

Our Curtainsider Fleet also run nationwide we have a range of Truck and Trailers to Artic semi Quads and B Trains.

Truck & Trailers cart General freight, timber, wool, paper, you name it we cart it.

B Trains We have two chiller units that run all over New Zealand carting anything from dry goods to live Bees.

Our Taillift trucks are based in the Wairarapa out of our freight depot.

  • Curtainsider Trucks with tail-lifts 1
  • Curtainsider Trucks with tail-lifts 2

McAuleys Transport Ltd operate two Pailfinger cranes.

PK 15500 is on an Artic Tractor unit operated by Stuart, who has over 20 years experience in operating Hiabs. This hiab has a lift of 1030kgs at 12 metres and 3000kgs at 4 metres.

PK29002E is on the rear of a 4 axle truck which is operated by Nigel, who has over 10 years experience in Hiabs. This hiab has a lift of 1150kgs at 17metres and 5500kgs at 4 metres & 7000kgs close in.

  • Hiab Crane Hire 1
  • Hiab Crane Hire 2

We currently have a Steelbro 20-40' swinglift operating around the Wairarapa, Wellington and Palmerston North areas.

  • Swing Lift 1
  • Swing Lift 2

McAuley's Transport Ltd are Wairarapa's only Registered Water Carrier, with a fully approved Risk Management Plan in place.

We have two tankers to service the area, providing fresh water to fill farm tanks and new tank installs.

  • Water Tanker

McAuley's Transport Ltd are experienced with all types, shapes and sizes of loads from planes to trains including water tanks, steel and timber frames, silos, sheds-cabins, and we also offer a Pilot Service for all Overdimensional loads, when required.

  • Over-dimensional Load 1
  • Over-dimensional Load 2

McAuley's Transport Ltd also have a 12 ton Excavator operated by Keith, who has clocked up some 12 years experience and is renown for his attention to detail when completing jobs.

The Excavator carries out a variety of work including all Excavation work, including Drainage work, Driveways, Farm Drainage and Dam work.

We are regulary hired out by Masterton District Council, and Wellington Regional council to carry out a variety of work including Pole planting, Rail and pole driving for Vineyards.


  • Digger & Tip Truck Hire 1
  • Digger & Tip Truck Hire 2

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