Bee Cartage

We Have two Chiller unit B Trains operating both North and South Islands.

McAuleys Transport Ltd have developed Bee Transportation into a core part of their business.  We have a dedicated team of professional drivers that operate these units.

We have chosen to use B Trains for this part of the operation because if the prime mover breaks down, then there is less down time for the Bees to get stressed.  Also, this is the first part of the fleet that gets replaced with new trucks ( to reduce the likelihood of break downs).

All the drivers involved in transporting Hives are required to have a yearly medical check and carry Epipens for Adrenaline in the event of an emergency, and we also have a  RMP for the cartage of Live Bees and all Honey products. MCFR8.

We regularly cart live Hives from all over the South Island Invercargill, Fairly, Queenstown etc to all over the North Island, as far as Spirit Bay to Hicks bay and Taranaki.

We cart honey in hives, and  also in drums from both Islands to mainly the central North Island, and from Interworld Plastic's (Bee Tech) and Ceracell  in Auckland, we transport inserts for hives.

We also cart the timber framing for hives from Tunnicliffes in Edgecombe.

Bee Cartage 1
Bee Cartage 2